If you’re an avid motorcyclist, you’ve probably had your fair share of horrific motorcycle helmets, which are extremely loud. If you aren’t an experienced motorcyclist, you’re probably thinking – eh? How can it be loud or quiet, it’s just a helmet? Wrong! It can dampen the wind noise that reaches through to you, and preventing this wind noise is what makes a quiet motorcycle helmet so good. Let’s try to find best quietest motorcycle helmet!

best quiet motorcycle helmet

The wind noise can reach sound levels of over 110dB when going down the highway, which is a huge problem. Hearing problems can begin to develop from noises 85dB and more, typically. As you can see, this can be a big problem for many motorcyclists – especially if you ride daily, or if it is your main method of transport. Within this ultimate guide, we’ll talk about what makes some “quieter” than others, and we’ll review some of the quieter ones. We would always recommend that a motorcyclist gets the quietest helmet they can afford, but make sure you look into how protective it is as well. You want product to be able to save your life in the event of a crash, not just be quiet.

Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, but the prices of helmets may put you off. After all, are they worth that much? The truth of the matter is, it is your only shield between your head, and the ground. If you are riding a motorcycle, you’ll want that “shield” to be strong. Therefore, you may be worried about buying some of the cheaper helmets available on the market. This guide will help you find a good quality cheap motorcycle helmet, that won’t cost you a tonne. There are some cheap helmets which aren’t safe, which should not be bought, however there are also many cheap helmets which are great, and won’t sacrifice your safety. Below, you’ll find just a few of the best cheap motorcycle helmets currently available, which all are excellently priced in terms of the features, and safety that they offer.

LS2 Stream Omega Full Face with Sunshield

The LS2 Stream Omega Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is available in a full array of various colors, and looks very stylish. Style isn’t everything though, but you can be sure it is suitably safe for road use, as it is ECE/DOT certified. The quick release chin strap is easy to use, even while wearing motorcycle gloves, yet remains incredibly strong – and won’t snap in the event of an accident. There are many different sizes of this available, which makes it suitable for almost any motorcyclist. The inner lining can easily be removed, and washed in the washing machine to keep it clean, and smell-free. This is a feature which isn’t available in a lot of motorcycle helmets, and it will be appreciated. The sun visor can easily be “dropped” down, which improves safety, especially when used in the summer. No more fumbling around with visors, which can be very dangerous while riding, the LS2 has you covered.

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1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular/Flip up Dual Visor Sun Shield Full Face

The 1Storm Motorcycle Full Face Helmet is designed with all biker’s in mind. It is DOT approved, which ensures your safety while on the roads. The padding is removable, and therefore can easily be washed. It is incredibly lightweight, which helps reduce fatigue and neck ache, which occur because of motorcycling. The dual lens design allows you to easily “pop” the second, smoked lens down when riding towards the sun, this will save you time, and could save your life. Some helmets can be incredibly fiddly when it comes to deploying the sun visor, but 1Storm have safety as their top priority, with their effortless system to deploy the sun visor.

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Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street (Solid Matte Black, X-Large) (D.O.T.-Certified)

The Bell Qualifier Full Face Street Helmet is designed to last. With an antifog, anti-scratch and UV protection all built into the visor, you can be sure it will last you an incredibly long time. The wind collar works extremely well, and blocks out almost all wind and road noise, which can be a distraction while riding a motorcycle. The shield is easily removed, to be replaced. It has a simple switch, which means you can change out your shields without the need for tools, unlike many other helmets. The chin strap is comfy, and the it will fit perfectly. It is available in a matte black exterior, with a padded black interior. The interior padding can also be removed to be cleaned.

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SH-FF0015 Full Face

The SH-FF0015 Full Face Helmet is one of the cheapest helmets currently on the market, and it is of a good quality too! It features a dual diffuser on the top of the unit, which improves airflow and aerodynamics. The increase in aerodynamics helps reduce fatigue, and wind noise. It has a quick release shield, which allows you to replace your visor very easily, which many bikers choose to do, especially with budget helmets. It is manufactured from a lightweight thermoplastic, it will come in a gloss black design. Safety needn’t be worried about either, as it is DOT approved.

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Vega X888 Full Face (Flat Black, Large)

Vega X888 Full Face Helmet features a great inner liner, which dries incredibly quickly, and is very absorbent. This means all sweat is absorbed, and the liner dries itself. This is great, as nobody enjoys the feeling of a sweaty helmet while enjoying their ride. There are many different shield options available for this helmet, including antifog, mirrored and tinted options. This helmet meets the DOT standard for motorcycle helmets, meaning it is safe to use. You also get a one year manufacturer warranty included in the sale of the helmet. Many cheap motorcycle helmets lack ventilation, however the Vega X888 has an abundance of vents, including chin vents, forehead vents, and mouth and rear vents.

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Best Cheap Affordable Helmets: Summed Up

Best Cheap HelmetsOur Quality RatingOur Quietness Rating
LS2 Stream Omega7473Built-in sun shield, Lightweight and aerodynamic, Comes in a wide variety of colors schemes and patterns
1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike7270Extremely affordable, Comes in numerous sizes and styles, Versatile and functional
Bell Qualifier7175Lightweight construction, removable and washable interior, anti-fog shield
SH-FF00157370Good airflow, shield easily removable, removable pads ensuring fast and easy cleaning
Vega X8887371Lightweight design, Breathable and anti-microbial inner lining

Best Quietest Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Shoei Neotec Modular – Large/Matte Black

In terms of quiet motorcycle gear, you can’t get much better than a quality helmet from Shoei. They are highly regarded by many as the world leaders when it comes to the motorcycle gear industry, and you’ll understand why as soon as you get some hands on experience with Shoei’s product .

The Neotec helmet by Shoei is designed for avid motorcyclists, hence the lock release buttons are oversized – which makes the helmet easy to handle while wearing motorcycle gloves, which is a must when it comes to riding in harsh weather conditions. The chin bar is extremely light weight, which prevents the helmet from dragging your head down, which can be extremely annoying – as many of you will have probably experienced if you’ve ever had to ride with a cheap helmet.

The face shield is quality tested by Shoei themselves, to ensure it will last a huge amount of time, and will work perfectly even in harsh weather conditions, such as sub-zero temperatures. It is connected to a single axis point, which allows it to be extremely versatile and glide into the open or closed position. This means it also requires a lot less force to be moved, compared to other helmets –which helps ensure that you won’t accidentally break your helmet in the process.

The Neotec is a great helmet overall, for any motorcyclist. It may be quite pricey, but it is definitely worth it – you definitely won’t regret it. This helmet is extremely quiet, and when you add in a pair of earplugs – you definitely won’t hear any wind whatsoever, allowing you to have a nice quiet ride out.

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Shoei Qwest Helmet – Medium/Matte Black

The Shoei Qwest helmet is a great helmet for the price, it is substantially cheaper than most Shoei helmets. If you are looking for a great quality helmet from a great brand, at a low cost – this is definitely the helmet for you.

It’s available in a variety of sizes to suit all motorcyclists, and is tested in a wind tunnel to ensure the aerodynamics are suitable for high speed driving, such as the speeds you would reach on the highway. The shell thickness is highly regulated, and is kept to a consistent size – this helps ensure that the helmet feels balanced on your head, and your head won’t be pulled to a certain side by any excess weight; this may seem unnecessary but you’ll definitely notice the difference compared to a cheap helmet.

The Shoei Qwest helmet is manufactured using hand laid woven fiberglass, which is applied in layers. This helps increase the protection provided by the helmet, and the fiberglass used is manufactured from organic fibres, and is bound with strong resin. This ensures the protection provided by the helmet is as high as it possible can be, while keeping the weight of the helmet consistent.

In terms of noise level, this helmet is great – especially when paired with a pair of earplugs. There is no gap between the helmet and visor, which is a common problem with many inferior helmets – as this allows wind to get inside the helmet, which can be extremely loud – and will induce hearing loss if you experience this regularly for prolonged periods, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Schuberth C3 Pro Gloss Black Motorcycle Helmet

If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to quiet motorcycle helmets, you definitely want a Schuberth C3 Pro. If money is no object, then you will love this helmet. It is available in a large variety of sizes, which makes it perfect for most motorcyclists.

When you look at this helmet, it looks extremely simple – and it is, but it is specifically designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. This is what helps keep it quiet during high speed driving. The visor seals perfectly to the helmet, which helps ensure that no wind can get into the helmet through any gaps in the visor, which can be a problem with many cheap helmets.

There is also an integrated wind tunnel at the top of the helmet, which aims to allow wind to pass over the helmet seamlessly, without causing excess noise.

Seriously, as soon as you try this helmet on – you will realise just how quiet it is. Schuberth haven’t just aimed to make a quiet helmet though, they aim to provide the best quality helmets possible, and you can be sure this helmet is a lot more protective than most others on the market, it’s most likely a lot lighter, more balanced and comfortable too.

Schuberth helmets may have quite a high price tag, but you can’t get this type of quality anywhere else, if you want the best protection from noise and in the event of an accident, the Schuberth C3 Pro Gloss Black Motorcycle Helmet is for you.

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Shoei RF-1200 Helmet – Medium/Matte Black

Shoei are the second best in the industry when it comes to quiet motorcycle helmets, and the Shoei RF-2000 is no exception. It screams quality as soon as you open the box, and the matte finish sure is beautiful.

We don’t necessarily want a beautiful helmet though, it is a nice feature – but not a deciding factor, but luckily for you – this helmet performs excellently too! The noise is almost non-existent even when riding at 70mph+, especially if you have a pair of decent earplugs in.

A neoprene wind blocking sleeve is also a good addition, and we highly recommend it. A neoprene wind blocking sleeve will seal the gap between the base of your helmet and your neck, which makes sure no wind can access the helmet via the base. They are extremely cheap, and also keep you quite warm during the colder months. Combine this helmet, with a wind blocking sleeve and earplugs, and you will not experience any wind at all.

Make sure you order the correct size to ensure it is as quiet as it possibly can be, this is incredibly important.

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Arai Signet-Q Helmet

The Arai Signet-Q is a well-priced helmet, which offers a great amount of performance, and quality – for a great price. It is available in a variety of colours, so you can make sure it complements your bike or other bike gear perfectly.

This helmet features a long oval fit, which helps make sure it is comfortable for all riders, regardless of their head shape. The long oval fit does require that you get the correct size in order for it to be as comfortable as possible, so we do recommend that you go to your local motorcycle shop to try a few on first! There’s nothing stopping you from trying one on in a store and then ordering it off the internet…

In terms of how quiet this helmet is, it is designed in such a way that not much wind enters the helmet at all. The seal between the visor and chin bar is extremely tight, which stops wind from entering. A small amount of wind may enter through the base of the helmet, but this all depends on how thick your neck is. If this does occur, we recommend purchasing a neoprene wind blocking sleeve, and this will seal the gap between your neck and helmet, and will also help you keep warm during the upcoming winter months.

It weighs a mere 3.6lbs, which helps reduce neck strain while on your motorcycle. This weight is elegantly balanced throughout the whole helmet, which also helps reduce neck strain.

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Best & Quietest Motorcycle Helmets: Summed Up

Helmet NameOur Quality RatingOur Quietness Rating
Shoei Neotec9995Aerodynamic shell design, UV blocking and non-distorting image shield, Vortex system for great noise reduction and the air flow
Shoei Qwest9288Fiberglass Construction, Perfectly balanced weight, Integrated spoiler
Schuberth C3 Pro9194Spoiler designed for high-speed riding, acoustic collar ensuring great quietness, multi-volume ventilation
Shoei RF-1200 Helmet9290Light-weight, great ventilation, Emergency Quick-Release System,
Arai Signet-Q9184Long and oval shape for a fitted experience, Brow-vent ventilation, neck rolls and interior lining made from absorbent materials

What Makes a Motorcycle Helmet Quiet?

quietest motorcycle helmet

There are many things that make a motorcycle helmet quiet, but the main factor is aerodynamics. Imagine you had a big cube on your head as a helmet, not only would it be uncomfortable – but imagine the huge racket that would be caused by the wind hitting the flat front of the helmet, it would be deafening! That is why most motorcycle helmets aren’t a simple sphere, they tend to have wind tunnels and other curves built in, this is to increase the aerodynamics of the helmet – which makes it quieter; and makes it look quite cool…

Different Types of Quiet Motorcycle Helmets

quiet modular motorcycle helmetThere are many different types of helmets to choose from, and this will dictate how quiet a helmet is.

Full Face Helmet: Full face helmets tend to be the quietest, as these feature a chin bar – which helps ensure the visor is fully sealed, to reduce wind penetration.

Modular Helmets: Modular helmets are favoured by many, but aren’t the best for noise levels. These are similar to full face helmets except they have no chin bar, so the visor can’t seal into anything. We recommend you use a neoprene wind blocking sleeve with modular helmets to reduce the wind penetration.

Open Face Helmets: These are the worst for noise levels. These are like modular helmets, but with no visor. They may be very cheap, but they are only designed for mopeds usually. Many riders use a pair of goggles with these helmets, to ensure they can see properly in high winds.

Off Road Helmets: Off road helmets are like full face helmets, as they do have a chin bar. They don’t have any moving parts however, and hence do not feature a visor. Many off road riders tend to use goggles with these helmets, to protect their eyes from the elements.

Half Helmets: Half helmets are similar to bicycle helmets, and aren’t great for noise levels. Many don’t include a visor either, so you’d want a pair of goggles to use with these helmets.

If you are looking for the best type of helmet in terms of noise levels, definitely go for a great quality quiet full face motorcycle helmet. A quiet full face motorcycle helmet may be more expensive than an open face helmet, but you’ll definitely appreciate the extra protection. If you need more information on different types of helmets you may want to read this article.

Importance of Using Helmets

best quiet motorcycle helmet reviews 2016Helmets are required by law in most states, if you are using public roads. However, there are a select few states where you don’t require a helmet for certain reasons, you may also not require a helmet if you are riding a quad bike. We recommend that you always wear a helmet, as a nasty crash at speeds of 30mph+ can easily kill you.

A helmet is literally the only object that could save your life in a crash. You may be the most sensible motorcyclist ever, and never break speed limits – but it is way too easy for another vehicle to crash into you at high speeds, which could send you flying off your bike. You could end up being paralysed, have severe brain damage, or even end up in hospital.

Another general rule of thumb is to never skimp on a helmet, it is designed to save your life. Make sure you invest in a good quality helmet which will provide a good amount of protection.

What To Consider When Buying

quietest modular helmetWhat should you know about motorbike helmets before buying? When you come to buy a helmet, it is important that you put a lot of thought into it. After all, good quality helmets can be quite expensive, and it’s unlikely you’ll be getting a new one for a while – so make sure you get the best quality helmet you can.

Brand: Make sure you only buy helmets from reputable manufacturers, such as the helmets reviewed above. This is because they have certain quality tests which ensure all helmets manufactured by them are of a suitable quality. Cheaper manufacturers don’t tend to do this, and will simply manufacture a helmet and sell it. This is why helmets from big-name brands cost more, as they include a lot of testing into the manufacturing process, and this could save your life.

Type: We talked a little bit about the various types of helmet above. If you are riding a proper motorcycle, we recommend a full face helmet. This will be the quietest option, and is the best option for road motorcyclists – as they tend to offer the most protection in the event of a crash. A half helmet, or open helmet may be ideal for moped riders, as you won’t be reaching high speeds anyway.

Protection: Make sure the helmet you are planning to purchase offers a good amount of protection. This is extremely important, don’t just go for the helmet which looks the nicest. It may be tempting, but it is better to go for a plain black helmet by a manufacturer like Shoei, than an extremely attractive helmet by some manufacturer you’ve never heard of.

Price: It’s a well-known fact that great quality helmets don’t come at low prices, often. Make sure you have a decent amount of money in your budget for a good quality helmet, risking your life isn’t worth it just to save a few dollars. We recommend you invest the most money into your helmet that you can afford, as at the end of the day – your helmet is usually the deciding factor as to whether you live or die in the event of a crash.

Style: You want to make sure you get a great looking helmet right? This shouldn’t be your main factor, as protection and price are much more important. It is worth finding a helmet you like though, and that matches your bike and other biking gear.

Components of a Helmet that Contribute to the Protection

motorcycle helmet safety ratingsMost motorcycle helmets typically have two main parts. The first part is a thin, outer shell which is extremely durable, this is usually manufactured from plastic, fiberglass or Kevlar. The second part is a thick inner liner, main of polystyrene of polypropylene.

The hard outer shell exists for a few different reasons, the main reason is to prevent the penetration of a sharp object. For instance, if you crash into a metal object – you don’t want a sharp metal spike puncturing your skull.

The second reason is to provide a hard structure to the inner liner, so that it can cope with being scraped across the road at high speeds, in the event of a crash. This helps ensure the helmet keeps its shape.

The purpose of the inner liner is to crush if you crash, this is why you can’t use a helmet that has been dropped, or has been involved in an accident before. This helps increase the time before the head hits an object, and therefore can save your life. Make sure to check if your helmet passes safety tests before buying.

Most Popular Brands

motorcycle helmets reviews ratingsSchuberth are a great manufacturer when it comes to quiet motorcycle helmets, they also list decibel figures on their website, which is pretty cool. This is something most manufacturers don’t do. Schuberth also implement integrated wind tunnels on most of their helmets, which help channel the wind past the helmet – which makes it extremely quiet, and could prevent you suffering hearing loss.

Another great manufacturer for quiet helmets is Shoei, they are also one of the best helmet manufacturers in terms of protection. They may be slightly pricier than other competitors, but you really do pay for the quality. Shoei simulate real world riding conditions within their own wind tunnels, and move the helmet from side to side and up and down in the wind tunnel, this helps ensure that the helmets they produce aren’t just aerodynamic from one side, but are aerodynamic regardless of which way the helmet is facing.

How to Choose the Right Size to Fit the Shape of your Head

When buying online, you don’t want to have to send it back. This can be a hassle, and means more waiting before you can ride your motorcycle! Here’s our little guide on how to choose the right size. There are three main shapes of motorcycle helmets, and these are: Long Oval, Intermediate Oval, and Round Oval.

  • Long Oval: Long Oval shaped helmets are designed for heads which are longer from the forehead to the back of the skull, then side to side.
  • Intermediate Oval: Intermediate Oval helmets are designed for heads which have a slighter longer measurement from the forehead to the back of the skull, then from side to side.
  • Round Oval: Round Oval helmets are designed for heads which have the same measurement from the forehead to the back of the skull, and side to side.

All motorcycle helmets sold online will say which shape they are, and if they don’t – they are most likely intermediate oval shaped. This is because intermediate oval shaped helmets are the most popular, as this head shape is most common.

To size a motorcycle helmet, these are the steps you should take:

  • Using a measuring tape, measure the size of the “fullest” part of your head. This should be just above your ears. Take the measurement at the forehead. We recommend asking somebody else to help you with this measurement, to get the most accurate measurement possible.
  • Find a sizing chart for the motorcycle helmet you are viewing, and select the size you require. Each motorcycle helmet should have its own sizing chart, so make sure you check the right chart before ordering.

When trying on a helmet you have ordered online, it should feel slightly tight. The interior padding of the helmet should be touching the majority of your head, but it shouldn’t be painfully tight or restrictive in any way. As you wear this helmet, it will “wear” in and match to the exact shape of your head, this will make it more comfortable to wear.
Overall, make sure it fits perfectly. If it doesn’t, send it back and exchange it for the correct size. This may be a hassle, but it will improve your safety overall. It is important for the size to be correct so it can protect you in the event of a crash, and keep you comfortable while riding.

Additinal Features You May Want When Choosing Best Motorcycle Helmet

best cheap motorcycle helmet reviewsWind Reduction: If you ride many miles a year, you will understand how annoying wind noise can be. It can turn a perfect ride, into a miserable commute within as little as a few seconds. Some helmets feature wind collars, and aerodynamic modifications in order to reduce the wind noise as much as possible. Wind collars are padded collars, which fill the gap between the neck and the shell. Aerodynamic modifications allow the air to glide over you as you ride, rather than simply “hitting” it.
Visors: Most helmets allow you to interchange visors within as little as a few seconds. Riders who plan to replace, or swap out visors quite often should look for “tool-less visor replacement” within their helmets. This makes the whole process much simpler. There are many different visors on the market, including tinted and mirrored visors.
Communication: Many helmets feature communication systems built in, which allow you to communicate with fellow riders while you enjoy your ride. This can be incredibly useful if you are part of a “biker group” or commute to work with fellow motorcyclists. Some also feature built in speakers, which can be connected to your phone so that you can listen to music or the radio during your ride. This can also help the problem of wind noise.
Sunshade: Integrated or optional sunshades are present in many helmets. Make sure you don’t buy one with just a sunshade though, as these can be dangerous to ride with on overcast days. Some feature two visors, an “everyday” visor, and a sunshade which can be pulled over the top. It is definitely worth getting a sunshade, as it can prevent sun dazzle when riding during the summer months, and even on winter mornings.

How to take Care of your Helmet and Clean The Inside

Many motorcyclists don’t know how to get the most life out of their helmet, and when it should be replaced. We’ll explain all the ins and outs of caring for your helmet, including general storage, cleaning, interior cleaning, and how you should look after it. This will help you make your helmet last a lot longer. After all, you want to show off your new helmet, and keep it looking the exact same as it did when it was brand new.
Here’s a general list of what you should do, and what you shouldn’t do:


  • Use gentle soaps to clean the exterior, such as hand soap. This will ensure no damage is done to the shell.
  • Towels soaked in hot water should be used to wipe the exterior of your helmet.
  • Use microfiber cloths wherever possible when cleaning your visor. This will prevent scratches to the surface, which can be a huge problem on visors.
  • Use as little power as possible when cleaning your helmet, this will help prevent damage.
  • If you wish to polish your helmet, standard car polish should suffice, such as Turtle Wax.
  • When cleaning out vents, don’t use a sharp object to scrape the “gunk” away. Use ear buds, as these won’t damage your helmet.
  • Using polish can prevent water spots, and grime from adhering to the shell of the helmet.
  • Use a silicone-based lubricant, such as WD40 on moving parts. Such as the visor hinge.
  • To protect your interior padding, wear a bandanna to reduce the amount of sweat which absorbs into the padding.


  • Don’t “scrub” your helmet.
  • Use strong soaps to clean your helmet.
  • Make sure you don’t clean your visor with any ammonia-based cleaning solutions, as this will reduce the strength of the visor.
  • Fabric softener shouldn’t be used for helmet liners, as this will stop moisture soaking fibres from working properly.
  • Helmet liners need to be air-dried, putting them in a dryer can damage them.

Cleaning the Inside of your Helmet

Cleaning the inside is a breeze. Simply remove the removable padding, and wash it in the washing machine. Don’t use fabric softener though, as this can prevent the liner from working efficiently. Let the inner padding air dry.

General Care

To keep your helmet in tip-top condition, treat it well! Make sure you don’t drop it, and if you do – replace it. The damage might not be evident on the outside, but hairline fractures will occur within the polystyrene shell, which drastically reduce the force it can take in the event of a crash. Replacing your whole helmet because of a small accident might seem like an over-reaction, but if you don’t, you are risking your life. Make sure you keep it within your home as well, and not a garage. Garages aren’t heated, and the rapid heating and cooling of a helmet can reduce its lifespan.

How Do Helmets Work?

Helmets are quite a clever invention really. They work by combining two different materials, with totally different properties – in order to save your life if you are involved in an accident.

 quietest motorcycle helmet on the marketThe hard outer shell provides a structure to the helmet, and protects you from sharp objects – which could puncture your skull. It can also be painted, to provide an appealing design – as many motorcyclists do. The inner liner is usually much thicker than the outer shell, and is a lot softer. It is usually made from polystyrene that will crush upon impact. This helps reduce the speed of deceleration, reducing the force that is subjected upon your head.

As a reduced force hits your head, the damage you will incur from a crash will be substantially less than if you crashed without a helmet. This is why we recommend you wear a helmet regardless of whether it is the law or not, as they can literally save your life.

Full face helmets tend to have a much thicker inner liner, which makes them safer than many other helmets. We recommend that you always use a full face helmet if you can afford it, and use an off road helmet for off road motor biking. Off road helmets tend to be just as strong and durable as full face helmets, except they are designed to withstand a bit more damage, from hitting obstacles etc. This is why the outer shell of off road helmets is usually thicker, this allows it to withstand more light damage without affecting the inner liner.

Hope our guide was helpful for you and let you choose your best quietest motorcycle helmet!