Top 5 Tips When Buying a New Helmet

tips-buyingIf you’re in the market for a new motorcycle helmet, make sure you put plenty of thought into it – as it definitely isn’t an easy choice. There are many factors that you need to think about, and you need to make sure you actually like the helmet. Yes protection, and wind noise are important – but the looks of the helmet are equally important, so make sure you choose a visually appealing helmet that you will enjoy wearing. There are many helmets available in many different designs, so finding one you like should be relatively easy, but also make sure it provides adequate protection; and is suitable for you as a motorcyclist.

  • Find a Good Looking Helmet

Many motorcyclists think protection is all that matters, but that isn’t true. It is arguably the most important factor, but how your helmet looks is incredibly important. Everybody has different tastes, so you will find helmets which you think are ugly – and you’ll also find helmets you simply adore. Make sure you pick a great quality helmet that you are sure to love, and is by a good manufacturer – and it should last you an extremely long time.

  • Choose a Good Brand

Yes, helmets manufactured by bigger-name brands may be a lot more expensive than cheap helmets you can find on eBay, but there is a reason for this. Good brands will thoroughly test their helmets, to ensure it will protect you in the event of a collision, this ensures that the helmet is safe for you to use. Cheaper helmets won’t have been tested as much as this, and therefore may not provide much protection at all. It has been known for cheaper helmets to simply shatter in an accident, leaving your head and skull vulnerable – this could cause death! Don’t skimp on your helmet, you’ll thank me for that advice at some point in your life.

  • Get the Correct Size

If the helmet you really like isn’t in your size, don’t buy it. A larger size helmet may technically fit on your head, but it isn’t safe. It allows room for your head to “wobble” around in the helmet, which can cause problems in a collision – as your head can travel through the helmet, and may leave you with brain damage, and be uncomfortable.

  • Make Sure Your Helmet is Certified

All helmets in the US should be certified by the CPSC for safety. Make sure you never buy a helmet that isn’t certified, as this could cost you your life at some point. This is incredibly important. If it is a foreign brand, try make sure it has been certified by some company.

  • Never Buy a Used Helmet

Buying a used helmet is incredibly dangerous. You do not know the history of that helmet, it could’ve been involved in a previous collision, which would render it unsafe. A helmet can be damaged by simply dropping it, and this could cause it to fail during a collision. Buying a new helmet ensures it is safe to use.