Arai Signet-Q Review

Motorcycling is probably one of the most exciting and adrenaline rising sports existing. Although the equipment and protection measures are quite expensive, there is nothing that can compare with the liberty of riding on the freeway and reaching new destinations with the speed of light. But to make sure all safety precautions are taken, you will definitely require a protective helmet. We suggest you invest in a qualitative one, such as the new Arai Signet-Q Helmet. Although they may seem quite expensive, especially since you already paid a fortune on your other equipment pieces and the motorcycle itself, you can never put a price too high on safety and security, especially if you are used to driving at high speeds. So what makes this product so special and worth taken into consideration?

Arai Signet-Q Helmet Review – Product description

arai q signet helmet reviewFounded nearly a century ago in Japan, Arai Helmet is probably the most known and reliable brand when it comes to helmets. All helmets sold in the United States meet or even exceed the high security and safety standards imposed by the Snell Memorial Foundation, thus are extremely trustworthy in all your journeys.

The Signet-Q helmet features a nicely long and oval shape to enhance aerodynamics and provide full safety on all sides. The dynamics and the long oval shape of the helmet are specifically designed to offer riders with “fuller heads” the optimum fit and diminish the pains caused by a forehead hotspot due to misfit items which are too small.

The Signet-Q helmet will definitely help you achieve a fully customizable and long-wearing protection. The cheek pads feature an emergency release system in case of medical injuries and are designed using the FCS system. This means the cheek pads are peel-away and the thick layer provides not only comfort and support but also an incredible fitting for a fully customizable riding experience.

Equipped with a new brow-vent ventilation system, the Signet-Q helmet delivers more cooling air to the forehead area. The vent cowls are specifically designed to meet the needs of highways and regular streets also, by increasing stability. All interior lining parts and the neck rolls are made from durable and high-end materials which are 100% re-washable.

The Max Vision face shield provided perfect protection against UV rays and harsh weather conditions, as well as possible obstacles on the road.


  • Durability, stability and endurance assured by the quality of the Arai brand
  • Safe to use for high speeds
  • Long and oval shape for a fitted experience
  • Comes in a wide variety of sizes and cheek pads sizes to perfectly fit your head
  • Washable and removable neck rolls and interior lining made from absorbent materials
  • Brow-vent ventilation
  • Comes in different colors to perfectly match your style, personality and other accessories
  • Provides protection against high noises while keeping you focused on the road


  • High price.
Arai Signet-Q Review
  • Quality - 91%
  • Comfort - 89%
  • Safety - 88%
  • Quietness - 84%


With almost a century of experience in designing and perfecting helmets, Arai makes for the best choice when choosing your motorcycling helmet. Equipped with full protection and an enhanced size and shape, this helmet is the perfect one if you love riding at full speeds.

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