Fuel Helmets SH-FF0015 Motorcycle Full Face Review – 2019 Updated

Review revision: March 2019: Motorcycling can be an extremely expensive hobby, especially if you are into technology and loads of horse power. While a decent motorcycle can cost you up around $15,000, a good one that can take you anywhere you want load and in style may cost up to several hundreds of thousands, apart from the special protection equipment. Luckily, not all items surrounding your hobby must be expensive. You can perfectly find a good helmet without spending a fortune and not compromising on quality and safety either. Fuel Helmets is one of the brands that promise you just that.

SH-FF0015 Fuel Motorcycle Helmet  Review – Product Description

Although there are thousands of options when choosing a good motorcycling helmet, price shouldn’t limit your possibilities. You can still get what you want without paying a fortune with the new SH-FF0015 from Fuel Helmets. With a quite low price, you can purchase this helmet to keep you safe on the road at any time.

The product comes in four different sizes available to make sure you will get a perfect fit no matter your head size. It also features a beautiful gloss black color, suitable for all styles and equipment choices.

The helmet is equipped with two vented diffusers to ensure maximum airflow inside and give you the perfect amount of oxygen no matter the time condition. The shell is made from a lightweight thermoplastic material which is strong enough to keep you protected from bumps and eventual accidents.

The cheeks pads are quickly removable and allow easy cleaning while maintaining a strong fit. Also, all helmets come with a removable visor and a bag resistant to scratches to ensure perfect depositing and shipping under strong conditions. Moreover, due to its lightweight design, this helmet can be successfully used as a snowmobile helmet also, meaning you do not have to purchase two different helmets for your favorite sports.

ProsFuel Helmets SH-FF0015 Full Face Helmet, Gloss Black, Medium

  • Extremely affordable price
  • Sizes fit well. We suggest you order your usual size
  • Two vented diffusers for maximum airflow
  • Removable cheek pads
  • Removable inner liners and washable too
  • Can be used both as a motorcycling helmet or as a snowmobile helmet
  • Good as a passenger’s helmet


  • Shell made from plastic. Will not protect you very well in case of strong accidents.
  • Only comes with a transparent visor. No UV blockers, no night visor. We suggest you purchase additional visor if you want to adapt your motorcycle driving on all weather and time conditions.
  • May become foggy and block your vision.
  • Does not come in too many sizes available
  • Good for beginners only. If you are an experienced driver we suggest orient towards better brands
SH-FF0015 Review
  • Quality - 72%
  • Comfort - 74%
  • Safety - 70%
  • Quietness - 70%

Fuel Motorcycle Helmets - Bottom Line

Although there are countless brands on the market providing more durable and crash resistant helmets, this particular fuel helmets model is perfect for beginners or for those who are on a low budget. Made from a hard plastic design, we suggest you keep this helmet for short rides only during the city. However, this fuel motorcycle helmet is an excellent choice for a passenger’s hat as they do not require special visors.

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