LS2 Stream Omega Full Face With Sunshield Helmet Review

Motorcycling can be extremely challenging, especially when you have to deal with high speed rides that can easily reach 260 km/h. But, apart from being extremely challenging and rewarding, motorcycling also has to be safe, above everything else. This is why you need to invest in qualitative equipment perfect for safe riding, no matter your speed or the road you are going to. And what better way to invest in your safety if not by procuring a good helmet that will keep you safe and sound no matter what?
Luckily, there are numerous options on the market, for all pockets, without compromising on the features or the stability of the helmet. So why not take a look at the LS2 Stream Omega full face with sunshield helmet?

LS2 Stream Omega – Product Description

Who said that in order to stay completely safe you need to spend a fortune on your motorcycling helmet? With a very affordable price, the LS2 helmet is designed to keep you safe on the road, no matter the time.
The product comes in a wide variety of color schemes and models for those who want to show off their personality and temper while riding, as well as numerous sizes to choose from. This way you can make sure your helmet will fit perfectly and will not get loose on your head and diminish its capacity of protection.
One of the main features of the LS2 Stream Omega full face helmet is the built-in twin shield system that provides perfect protection against sun and harmful UV rays and easily retracts to provide you with a clear vision during the night only by a flip of a switch.
The inner lining is made from technical and qualitative fabrics that will fight against extreme moisture. Moreover, they are fully washable and can be easily removed to keep your helmet dry and fresh even after a long ride.
Apart from very small and attractive price, the LS2 strikes by offering a lightweight and extremely aerodynamic shell helmet shaped to perfectly fit and keep your head safe at any costs. The cheek pads are cut off using a 3D laser technology for a good grip, perfect fit and no hotspots.
The helmet passed all security and design tests, meeting and even exceeding the ECE/DOT standards of safety. Also, the shield is scratch resistant and offers an accurate image of the road, without distortions.


  • Comes in a wide variety of colors schemes and patterns to meet all tastes, even the eccentric ones
  • Built-in sun shield
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic
  • Comes in various sizes for perfect fitting
  • 5 year warranty against manufacturing flaws or deterioration
  • Extremely affordable price and decent quality


  • Running one size smaller. We suggest you order a bigger size
  • Shape extremely oval
  • Fogs up easily on temperatures below 30 degrees
  • Made in China
LS2 Stream Omega Review
  • Quality - 76%
  • Comfort - 74%
  • Safety - 72%
  • Quietness - 73%


Although not a master in the field, the Spanish company LS2 promises to deliver good quality helmets at more than affordable prices for all pockets, without compromising on the safety. Purchase this helmet, especially if you have more than one to spare and take this one on light riding.

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