Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet – Test & Review | 2019 Updated

Review Updated: March 2019 – Shoei is one of the household names among motorcycle riders, especially for those with somewhat deeper pockets – this is why I’ve decided to make this shoei neotec helmet review and test. As you already know, Shoei’s aren’t cheap, although it is difficult to argue the price when you are paying for something that is there to save your life in case of an accident. Suddenly, it’s no longer a piece of gear you can skimp on. Still, motorcycle helmets nowadays are not solely about safety. In case manufacturers want to sell their high-end, high-priced helmets, they need to cram them full of latest features and toys, wrap it all up in an eye-popping design and promote it properly.

Shoei has ticked all of the aforementioned boxes for their latest model, except for that last one, which is sort of odd. There was very little promotion done for their brand new, modular, Shoei Neotec helmet, which appeared on the market without much fanfare. That is a shame, since a new Shoei helmet, and a top-of-the-line model at that, is always a cause for excitement among the motorcycle riders. So, without further ado here’s my review of the Shoei Neotec modular helmet.

Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet – Test & Review – The Basics


Shoei Neotec Review

For those of you who prefer the versatility of modular helmets, there has been one model that was a sure bet, and that’s the Shoei Multitec. Now Shoei are adamant that the Neotec is not an outright replacement for the Multitec, which will remain in production.

However, after the first 5 minutes of my review, the Neotec feels familiar, a lot like the Multitec, but with every single detail and feature improved and made better, which is saying a lot, since the Multitec is one hell of a helmet and a favorite among riders. Among the improvements is the integrated sun visor, and the strengthened locking mechanism, which I will get to a bit later on.

The Shoei Neotec, right off the bat, look and feels like a high-end helmet. The materials and the finish are top-notch, as we have come to expect nothing but the best from Shoei. Some riders don’t like modular helmets because they feel they are not as structurally strong as full-face helmets. In order to make modular helmets stronger, they need to have reinforcements, which adds weight. On top of all that there is also the flip-up mechanism, which means modular helmets can wind up being pretty heavy. The Neotec is a bit on the heavy side, when compared to a full-face helmet, but luckily, I didn’t feel any fatigue while wearing it for extended periods of time.

The Interior

Shoei Neotec modelAs is always the case with Shoei, the interior of the helmet is very plush and extremely well-padded. The lining is completely removable and replaceable. You also get a selection of pads so you can get that perfect fit. We have yet to wear an uncomfortable Shoei, and the Neotec might just be the best one yet. Seriously, if this one doesn’t feel comfortable for you, there is something wrong with your head! Joking aside, the Neotec provides just the right amount of comfort and makes you feel secure and well-protected. The ear pockets hold enough room for the speakers, so you can install a communication system.

From the Inside Out

Like all Shoei helmets, the Neotec has been subjected to a series of tests inside the wind-tunnel in order make it as aerodynamic as possible, which is extremely important, since modular helmets generate more noise that its full-face counterparts. There is a total of three ports on the helmet, with two located on the front, and one in the back. The air intake near the chin provides you with a much needed breeze, directing the air right up, which creates a tad more noise, but believe me, on those hot summer days, you will not complain.

The vent in the forehead area has three different settings, while the one in the back gets rid of the hot air very effectively. Usually, the problem with these intakes is not their efficiency, but the fact that they are difficult to operate while wearing gloves, so I’m are happy to report that I encountered no such problems with the Neotec.

The Shades

The Shoei Neotec also features an easy-to-use, yet highly robust 360-degree Pivot Locking System that is made out of stainless steel. Operating the chinbar is done by pressing the release button on the front which is large enough so it can be operated without taking of the gloves. The new CNS-1 shield is larger in surface, which grants you better visibility. The Neotec also comes with the anti-fogging Pinlock insert, which was easy to install on this particular model.

As we mentioned earlier, the Neotec, unlike the old Multitec, has an integrated sun visor, which doesn’t reduce the space on the inside of the helmet, nor does it require a thinner EPS liner, since the Neotec has been designed to be slightly larger in the forehead area because of the sun visor. The paint job is somewhat subdued, but it is unmatched anyway. The Shoei Neotec comes with DOT certification.

Product Features

Thanks to the product’s aerodynamic shell design it can be safely used at any speed. The dual layer liner will help absorb and manage the air flow on impact to make sure the owner is safe and sound. Moreover, the product was specifically designed to fit almost all sizes from XS to XXL. This means you will have a better chance of finding the perfect model that fits your head and will offer maximized cover and protection while riding.

In addition, the Shoei Neotec helmet is equipped with a vortex generator on the chin bar to diminish noises from the wind and the road as well as to perfectly manage the ventilation for a proper oxygenation while riding on high speeds.

The pivot locking system is made from the finest stainless steel materials to offer the safest and most secure closure and also to fix perfectly on your head.

The shield of this helmet offers a distortion-free image of the road to make sure you have full visibility on all weather conditions while also blocking up to 99% of the UV rays which can endanger your vision on the long term.

The product comes in various sizes and colors to perfectly match your style and the color of your motorcycle.


  • Comes in many sizes to perfectly fit almost all head sizes, from XS to XXL
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors to match your personality and style
  • Aerodynamic shell design to offer perfect protection from all angles
  • Vortex generator system reduces noise and perfectly hands the air flow
  • Made from strong, long-lasting, durable and certified materials
  • Offers maximum protection
  • UV blocking and non-distorting image shield
  • Integrated and strategically placed wind tunnels to offer maximum ventilation inside the helmet while also blocking noises
  • Made in Japan. The best brand in the industry


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t provide Bluetooth connectivity
  • May not fit all physiognomies

Shoei Neotec Test & Review – Bottom Line

Motorcycling is one of those extreme sports that can give you a sense of complete freedom, running on the highway by your own and only facing the wind and the stars. However, motorcycling is also a very expensive and dangerous sport as well. Apart from your ride which can cost up to several hundred thousand dollars, you will also require adequate protection equipment. Leather boots, leather jacket and helmets seem to be the main description of motorcyclist, especially in the view of others.

But no matter what you choose to wear when riding your bike, one thing is for sure – you can never go without a helmet. Fortunately, there are plenty of motor helmets designs on the market so you will surely find one that best suits your tastes and interests, such as the Shoei Neotec which provides great quality.

I’ve tried to be completely objective, but that was hard to pull off, because I loved the Neotec from the first moment. Everything on the Shoei Neotec is of the highest caliber, from the materials and the finish used to the fact that it is one of the quietest, most comfortable, best ventilated, and most awesome looking helmets I have had the pleasure of testing. There is no doubt that is the best modular helmet I’ve ever tested! Well done, Shoei.


Shoei Neotec Modular Review
  • Quality - 99%
  • Comfort - 96%
  • Safety - 98%
  • Quietness - 95%


Hands down, if you are an avid motorcyclist you will certainly love this helmet and the way it feels. Since security is the most important while riding your bike, you can always count on the Shoei Neotec helmets to offer maximum security, comfort and style.

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