Shoei Qwest In-Depth Review

The Shoei Qwest is a great quality helmet, manufactured by a great brand, at a considerably lower cost to all of their other helmets. Is it worth the money? This helmet is available in a huge variety of sizes, from medium all the way up to 2X-large. This allows almost any motorcyclist to fit this helmet. It is also finished with a matte black design, this makes it incredibly attractive – and ensures it will complement all of your other biking gear extremely well.

It sports that Shoei logo in the centre of the helmet, above the visor. This not only adds a great aesthetic element to the helmet, but helps make sure the matte black stands out. The visor is not tinted, for safety – and seals perfectly with the chin bar of the helmet. Many cheaper helmets don’t seal properly, and this can allow for large amounts of wind to enter the helmet, causing a loud noise – which can cause hearing problems.

The Shoei Qwest is also extremely comfortable, which we believe is extremely important. After all, you will be wearing this helmet for a large amount of time, and although it is a safety requirement – it needs to be comfortable as well. It features copious amounts of padding within the helmet, to ensure your comfort is one of its top priorities.

What Sets This Helmet Apart From Other Helmets?

The Shoei Qwest is tested for its aerodynamics in a wind tunnel, which helps keep wind noise to a minimum when driving at high speeds, such as on the highway. This may not seem very important, but wind noise can cause hearing problems over time, especially if you spend large amounts of time on the highway. Therefore, owning a helmet that has been tested for its aerodynamics is a must.

No helmet is completely unaffected by wind, therefore we recommend that you ride with earplugs. It will definitely save you a headache in the long run, and could save your hearing! There are many tales online about bikers who have lost their hearing, or have suffered from partial hearing loss due to wind noise. Another way to combat this is to wear a neoprene wind blocking sleeve, which bridges the gap between the base of your helmet and your neck, to prevent wind from entering through the base of the helmet.

Best Features

  • Fiberglass Construction: The hard outer shell of the Shoei Qwest is constructed from hand laid woven layers of fiberglass, which are bound together with resin. This results in an incredibly hard helmet, which will save your life.
  • Weight: The weight is perfectly balanced around the helmet, which helps reduce neck strain.
  • spoiler: The Shoei Qwest also features an integrated spoiler which reduces drag and lift when riding at high speeds, how cool is that?!
Shoei Qwest
  • Quality - 92%
  • Comfort - 91%
  • Safety - 93%
  • Quietness - 88%


Overall, the Shoei Qwest is a great piece of kit. It’s affordable, yet features a lot of premium goodies you wouldn’t get from another manufacturer, and you have the added peace of mind that it is manufactured by experts within the helmet industry, Shoei.

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