Vega X888 Full Face Helmet Review

Motorcycling can be a very expensive hobby, especially if you want to invest in durable and qualitative pieces. And although you will mostly have to pay for your motorcycle and keeping it updated through time, special protection equipment is required no matter how passionate or not you are about this. And apart from the hot leather boots and mandatory leather jacket to keep your mojo high, what would a cool biker do without a cool biker helmet? Obviously, nobody stops you from paying for high-end qualitative pieces that might cost a fortune, but if you want to look cool while also staying on the budget, there are plenty of products on the market as well.

You may not require extremely expensive helmets, especially if your ride isn’t powerful enough or you are not planning on racing with it or wear it in a bar fight. Vega is one of the brands that will help you stay protected without having to crash your piggy bank or apply for a second line credit.

Vega X888 Review – Product Description

One of the best features about the new Vega X888 full helmet is the very affordable price. Practically, you won’t have to give up style, comfort or safety and still don’t need to pay too much.

The X888 comes in plenty of sizes to choose from to ensure a perfect and close fit, no matter your dimensions. It also meets or even exceeds the DOT standards, thus it is safe to use anywhere inside the US.

Another important feature is that you can choose from nine different shield options, to match each and every riding style and weather conditions. This Vega helmet comes with a transparent shield, but you can easily upgrade it with a tint, mirror or anti-fog shields, depending on your requirements.

Moreover, the X888 inside lining is made from anti-microbial and high humidity resistance fabric for a perfectly comfortable fit even when wearing all day. This way, no matter how long your ride is you will always stay comfortable and dry.

The Vega X888 helmet provides four different vents positioned on the chin, the forehead, the mouth and on rears to ensure perfect ventilation and maximized oxygen levels.
Most bikers who purchase this product are using it as a backup helmet or as a passenger’s helmet, as well as a beginner’s helmet.


  • Extremely affordable designvega x888 review
  • Comes in various sizes from XS to XXL to ensure a close fit for everyone
  • Lightweight design
  • Breathable and anti-microbial inner lining
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


  • Shell made from a plastic design. Although durable and DOT safety certified, we suggest do not undertake this helmet to extreme experiments.
  • Only comes in two tones of black – matte and shiny.
  • Shields sold separately. Although the helmet itself doesn’t cost too much, you may have to pay for each and every additional shield.
Vega X888 Full Face (Flat Black, Large) Helmet Review
  • Quality - 73%
  • Comfort - 71%
  • Safety - 70%
  • Quietness - 71%


Although traditionally marketed as a motorcycling helmet, the Vega X888 is more suitable for beginners and passengers, due to its hard plastic shell fabric. However, it can be safely used for ATVs and snowboarders and can be successfully upgraded to fit foggy, night or extreme lighting riding.

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