Dangers Involved in Riding a Motorcycle

Dangers Involved in Riding a Motorcycle

If you’ve just purchased a motorcycle or are considering purchasing one, there are many things you need to take into account, such as budget, type of bike, and when and where you’ll be riding. Of all things you need to think about, though, safety is of paramount importance. Here are a few quick things know about before you take your bike out on the road for the first time.

First, always keep in mind that others drivers are not looking for you. Most people literally don’t see motorcycles, because they’re so used to looking for larger moving objects. It’s for this reason that so many drivers just seem pull out in front of motorcyclists. When you’re out on th road, it’s best to drive super defensively, always keeping in mind that you are virtually invisible to everyone else.

The second biggest danger you will face, other than fellow motorists, is yourself. Too many accidents happen because the motorcyclist overestimates his or skills. They try to take a curve faster than they can lean their bike, or they head into a traffic situation they just don’t know how to manage. Know your bike, and know what you can do with it…give your self time and space to hone your skills and become more comfortable.

Another problem for many motorcyclists is animals, specifically dogs that enjoy the chase a motorcycle affords. Some people encourage carrying a pepper spray with you, however the accepted and probably best way to deal with a chasing dog is to alternately speed up and slow down, which throws off the dog’s ability to predict where you will be. After a few minutes of this the dog should loose interest your should be able to get to a spot where you can easily out run it. A key thing to remember in this situation is not to kick at the dog, which could dangerously destabilize your bike or give the dog an opportunity to knock you off.

Always be especially careful at intersections. This is one of the most dangerous places for a motorcyclist because in many cases the other drivers simply don’t see you. If I have any doubts at I lightly beep my horn before and as I drive through…it may come across as a little rude, but it’s better to be seen than run over!

Of course, road conditions like ice, gravel, and wetness are even more dangerous for a motorcyclist than automobile driver, because the bike rider only has two wheels. Your stability is seriously compromised in those situations and it is always best to avoid riding if possible, and if not to proceed with extreme caution.

Of course this is not an exhaustive list of the dangers that come with riding a bike, but it should put you well on your way to know some of the most dangerous elements you will encounter when riding. Remember to always wear best motorcycle helmet you can afford for maximum safety, along with boots and other proper gear.

Have fun out there, but stay alert, aware, and leave your ego at home.