Five of the Best Motorcycles on the Market, One in Each Category

best five motorcycles

When it comes choosing a motorcycle there are different things that are important to different riders. Some people want a bike that they can take for a nice cruise on a warm summer’s day. Others want something that has speed and performance that will handle the turns of a winding country road. Getting off the road and playing in the dirt can be the most fun for other motorcycle enthusiasts. For some the main point is a fun and economical mode of transportation. And for a select few the point of a motorcycle is to shock and awe all of those within visual or audible range of them and their bike.


As the “baggers,” or full dressed bikes with saddlebags and the works are coming back into style Harley-Davidson is there to accommodate the riders. New for 2011 is the Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra. This bike is ideal for that hot summer’s day cruise or touring around the country. With an MSRP of $23,059 it comes with a powerful 103 cubic inch V-Twin engine and plenty of storage space for those weekend getaways. This bike is big enough to be a great long distance cruiser and small enough to be a daily commuter.


If it’s performance you’re looking for Yamaha has one of the best midrange bikes for the money. The 2011 Yamaha FZ8 combines performance and speed, with its 779 cc engine, with agility and handling for only $8490. The Yamaha FZ8 is so maneuverable that it can be a great bike for the novice rider to gain experience on with a bike of this size.

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Dirt Lovers

For the dirt lover in you you’ll find the 2011 Honda CRF250R one of the best 250-cc bikes on the market. This bike has been on the market since 2000 and has continued to evolve. This years bike comes with a few new features that set it apart from the others. The muffler has been redesigned to lower the noise level by 94 decibels. Honda has also improved engine tuning, suspension and steering on the 2011 model. The CRF is also the lightest 250-cc bike on the market giving it superb handling. At only $7199 this bike will give you your moneys worth of fun.

Rising gas prices can influence all of us and our decisions to buy something that could be perceived as a petroleum based recreational toy. However, MTB has come up with something that is both fun and economical, the MTB-150. This touring moped/ scooter takes its sleek lines from the Honda Reflex which was made from 2001-2008. It also incorporates the three-wheel tricycle design similar to the Can-Am Spyder into a scooter for economic fun and stability. For only $3,999.95 and getting 70 to 90 miles per gallon you can have fun on a budget.

Now let’s get ridiculous. Since Orange County Choppers and other shows have become popular so have extreme bikes. OCC has built some gorgeous and extreme bikes but in my opinion none of them hold a candle to the Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike. This totally extreme bike went for $555,000 in 2003 and sports a ten cylinder, 8.3 liter, 505 cubic-inch Viper engine capable of launching the bike to speeds close to 400 mph. The motorcycle has a four-wheel independent suspension and weighs 1,500-lbs. If you are looking for an extreme jaw-dropping bike this is the crown jewel, unfortunately this one is not street legal in the United States… I can’t imagine why.